Why you should use Office 365

Office 365 is not just an email client. It also facilitates some amazing features and functionalities to the users. Most of the users are required to switch to Office 365 from another application but they are confused and want to know why they should choose Office 365 over others. So, in this article, we are going to open the secret behind Office 365. Mainly, there are 7 reasons describing why you should use Office 365. Go through the entire article to know more.

Excited To Know Why You Should Use O365?

 In this segment, you will get the answer to why you should have to select Office 365 application. Have a look.

  • No accessibility issues
  • Easily set up and manageable
  • Powerful business perceptions
  • Safe, secure and private
  • Always up-to-the-minute

Are You Expecting More?

 No issue! If you are trying to know more, here, in this segment, you will get your answer appropriately.

  1. Richer In Accessibility
    This application is the king of accessibility. Mainly because you can utilize it on your mobile phone also. With Office 365, your contacts, calendar, and all of your emails are automatically synchronized with your mobile devices. This permits you to access and edit files in Powerpoint, MS Outlook, MS Word, and OneNote anytime and from anywhere. All you require to do is to add your work profile to the MS Office app.
  2. One Of The Most Secure Email Client
    Whenever you are utilizing the version of MS Office 365 installed on your local machine or the cloud version, you will get an efficient level of security and encryption. The exact set of Rights Management Services applies to both of them. None of your data files are opened without adding appropriate user credentials that are applied and monitored by Microsoft Azure. This facilitates the high security and control over your Office 365 data.
  3. Single Platform For Multiple Apps
    One of the best features provided by the Office 365 application is that it permits you to pick and choose the tools you require. Microsoft has a rich collection of business applications being continually released on its Windows Store. Some of them are free too. So, you can easily select to add them to your Office 365 home display and access them simply from one place.
  4. Helps To Boost Up Productivity
    Office 365 is not just an email client and it’s not just about getting things done faster. It is about reinventing how you can do them faster. Office 365 sets the stage for productiveness by enabling the organization employees to get access to familiar Office programs and tools on a magnitude of mobile devices, no matter where they are. With Office 365, work becomes something you do at the point of want, not restricted to an office tower you head to.
  5. Actuality Over Costs
    Office 365 provides facilities as per the fixed rate. Though it is considered highly costly, it furnishes a single platform for several applications. Moreover, the subscription plans make it simple for you to win assurance over software expenses and offer you to budget your business targets without hidden money hollows.
  6. Helps to Organize Your Team’s Workflow
    MS Office 365 Planner allows you and your colleagues to plan workflows and organize the association by using the Project Management utility to generate plans, organize & assign tasks, share files, set proper dates and give status updates. All this work is done properly through email notifications and viewable dashboards.
  7. Modify and Migrate to PDF Easily
    When you are done with the editing of your document, spreadsheet, presentation, or publication etc., you can export it simply to a PDF format using the “Save as PDF” feature. If you need to alter a PDF, you can convert it into a Word document without the formatting problem that occurs with copy-pasting or editing.